Named for one of our founders, Billy Dunn, BILLY BEER has been a crowd favorite since we opened our doors. Some people think we are crazy for brewing a light beer and calling it exactly that. Fair enough. We were well aware going in that this style is maligned by the craft community. But it's our belief that craft isn't exclusive to experimental recipes or adding basil and bacon to beers. Craft should include brewing the most crushable styles and doing it better than the big guys. Of course we love double IPAs, stouts, and sours, but we also love beers we can throw back on gameday or while we're out fishing. There will always be a place for un-fussy, approachable styles, and craft is the way to brew them right.

So how did it begin? From the very start when Billy, Donald, and Ben were planning the brewery, Billy had one condition. He wanted a beer that he and his friends could crush at football tailgates and on the golf course. He wanted a light beer that didn't taste bad. Ben obliged and brewed a delicious craft light lager. At first, we debated listing it on our menu due to the stigma surrounding light beers. We considered making BILLY BEER an off menu selection for those "in the know." But immediately, people took to it and told us it was the best light beer they'd ever had. We embraced the concept of our very own everyman's beer and were proud to be doing it right. Now, we're on a mission to bring the ultimate drinkable beer to North Carolina. Uptown Brewing Company has rediscovered the beer drinker's beer, and in name and philosophy, we're bringing it back! STAY TUNED...



Uptown Brewing Company Greenville NC


If you don't like light beer, then BILLY BEER isn't for you. If you do, BILLY BEER will be the best one you've ever tasted. Drink a craft beer meant to be consumed, not collected. Drink what Billy Dunn drinks. Drink the best.


Billy Beer