The idea for Uptown Brewing Company began when Billy Dunn saw a need for a quality craft brewery that Greenville could call its own. Where craft beer was concerned, Greenville had been underserved for a long time. Billy and his brother Donald were already experienced entrepreneurs (and experienced beer drinkers) who had lived, worked, and invested in this community all their lives. But they needed someone with a craft background to make the product. Ben Self had worked in quality control and consulting for the craft brewing industry for several years when Billy and Donald approached him with the project. The three agreed that a brewery with the right beer, the right location, and the right culture could become something truly special in the burgeoning Uptown District.

Like many small businesses striving for big things, their hard work began in a garage. Within a few weeks of their first meeting, Ben was brewing test batches in Donald's carport. Local wildlife was first to benefit, as dozens of ducks and geese flocked to his back yard daily, anticipating their fill of spent grains. The ducks were super nice company; no comment about the geese. Thanks to the city and countless people in Greenville, the build out moved quickly, and in December 2016, they brewed their first production batch together on Evans Street. The taproom doors opened shortly after that, and Donald was thrilled to have his garage back and to no longer be bullied by his neighborhood geese. With continuing expansion, Billy's son Brad has come on board as well to help with the deep thinking and heavy lifting.

"We want to quench your thirst with delicious, drinkable beer. We are fascinated with the evolution of the American craft movement, and we're proud to produce great beer for the fine folks of Eastern NC. Please join us for a pint, or look for our beers on tap throughout Eastern NC!"


Uptown Brewing Company Greenville NC
Uptown Brewing Company Greenville NC