Coffee Porter

Photo Jul 16, 8 20 52 PM.jpg

6.8% ABV     40 IBU

The quintessential breakfast beer, chock full of locally roasted cold brew from Blackbeard Roasters. Spicy Willamette hops provide balance to the sweet aroma of coffee and malt. Utilizing premium English floor-malted barley and twelve other malts, this brew is dark, smooth, full bodied, and complex.



Pale Ale


5% ABV     45 IBU

The classic old school American craft pale ale. Citrusy Cascade and Amarillo hops are countered by caramel, biscuit, and three specialty malts. Unfiltered, medium bodied, and finishes with a lightly bready sweetness. This brew is well balanced and easy drinking.




Photo Sep 22, 3 34 59 PM.jpg

3.2% ABV     12 IBU

The beer of the people. The most unpretentious brew on our menu is a clean, crisp American light lager. We're not going to lecture you about the malt bill or hop profile here. This is a true beer drinker's beer that is as crushable as they come. Read more about the BILLY BEER story here.



Cranberry Apple Cider

Photo Aug 18, 1 20 00 PM.jpg

4% ABV

Our deliciously tart hard apple cider is made in house, brewed from a blend of five different organic apple and cranberry juices. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and utilizing Sauvignon Blanc yeast, this cider is fruity, dry, and gluten free.



Belgian Dubbel

Photo Sep 22, 2 54 14 PM.jpg

7.6% ABV     5 IBU

Our Winter seasonal is complex yet dangerously drinkable. Belgian candi sugar, traditional Belgian yeast, Maris Otter malt, and nine others bring out flavors of toast, plum, raisin, brown sugar, and clove. Rich, boozy, and full bodied, this beer will keep you warm when the weather turns cool!


India Pale Ale

Photo Sep 22, 3 44 44 PM.jpg

7.5% ABV     64 IBU

Our West Coast style IPA boasts a complex hop profile. Simcoe forward, with Falconer's Flight, Mosaic, and five other hop varieties, this brew is both resinous and tropical. The subtle malt bill lets the generous late additions of fruity, earthy, aromatic hops do all the talking. Finishes crisp and dry.



Apricot Wheat


4.2% ABV     12 IBU

A great everyday thirst quencher. This lightly sweet ale is complemented by soft orange jam flavors thanks to additions of crushed apricots and New Zealand Pacifica hops. The wheat malt adds a distinctive haze to the brew. Smooth and light, it's one of our gameday favorites.





5% ABV     12 IBU

Our Summer seasonal is a classic Mexican import lager. This light, crisp, poundable beer is made with copious amounts of corn and primitive barley strains, lending a corny sweetness typical to the style. Squeeze in a lime for ultimate refreshment. ¡Viva la Cerveza!  



Ginger Beer

Photo Aug 25, 1 50 00 PM.jpg

4% ABV

Our take on this traditional English style is a delicately herbal, slightly sweet beer infused with spices and raw sugar. We brew this with English pale malts, six other malts, and as much fresh ginger as the fermentation can handle. It tastes like Christmas, but we like it all year round.